Resin ART Engineering Resin JAMGHE 1000g Nebula Gray

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Art engineering resin is a new update of ABS like resin, great mechanical property and scratch resistance, and it is affordable resin among the strongest resins. Art engineering resin is hard tough with impact resistance 460J/M, allow you to do peeling, punching, tapping, screwing etc. it is the one for design office to make any prototype before manufacturing.

Tensile strength (MPa): 38.36 ±10% ASTM D638
Tensile modulus (MPa): 447.12 ±10% ASTM D638
Elongation at yield point(%) 7.22 ±10% ASTM D638
Flexural modulus (MPa): 979.24 ±10% ASTM D790
Flexural strength (MPa): 44.15 ±10% ASTM D790
Notched impact strength (J/ m): 454.37 ±10% ASTM D256
Maximum pulling force (N): 1595.04±10% ASTM D638
Maximum force point of deformation(mm) 6.08 ±10% ASTM D638
Elongation at break (%): 35.44 ±10% ASTM D638
Hardness (Shore D): 80-88 D ASTM D2240
Viscosity (MPa.S): 350-650 GB/T 4472
Density (g/ cm³): 1.05-1.25 GB/T 22235

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