Service:                                                                                                                                               additional payment for service 
  • The price of entry into the service, quick diagnostics of the fault 9,6 USD
  • Cleaning the printer from dust 6 USD
  • Cleaning and unclogging of the hot end with replacement of nozzle 9,6 USD.                               nozzle price
  • Fan replacement,  9,6 USD                                                                                                              fan price
  • Replacement of hotend with nozzle price of hotend with nozzle 9,60 USD                                     price of hotend with nozzle
  • Replacement of PTFE filament supply hose with quick couplings  9,6 USD                                    price of hose and  ouplings
  • Filament feed system replacement dual gear extruder  9,6 USD                                                     price of dual gear
  • Motherboard replacement  15 USD.                                                                                                 motherboard price
  • Replace thermistor or/and heater  12 USD                                                                                       heater/thermistor price
  • Troubleshooting printer works but prints something wrong  24 USD                                                parts cost if needed
  • Replacement of all fans, hotends, PTFE hoses, quick couplers, thermistor and heater 36 USD     cost of all parts
  • Printer calibration 18 USD
  • Screen replacement on resin printers 36 USD                                                                                  screen price
  • Replacement of FEP film on printers  9,6 USD                                                                                 the price of the film
  • UV lamp replacement 19,2 USD 
  • Software update on printers 12 USD
  • Assembling the printer, this price is valid only with the purchased device 12 USD
  • Assembling the machine if the machine was purchased elsewhere 30 USD
  • Training on how to use a 3D printer 30-60 minutes, valid only with the purchased device 15 USD
  • Training for the use of a 3D printer 30 min-60 min if the machine was purchased elsewhere 30 USD
  • Online service call viber/wcp up to 30 min for purchased equipment, first service free then  120 USD
  • Monthly advisor unlimited number of calls, Monthly service, price of parts and materials not included 1290 USD