Heraldica board game

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Kingdoms unite, becoming bigger and stronger for the good of everyone and You are glad that is so.. Only... Your granddad’s old crest. Could we save it? In Heraldica, players take roles of noble houses trying to impose their crest as the official coat of arms of the newly united Kingdom. Each player draws their coat of arms alongside emblem tiles that are used to make it on the game board. During their turn the players will try to lay out their coat of arms by carefully: Placing new tiles on the board Rearranging existing tiles If at any moment during their turn the player success in forming their coat of arms on the board they are declared the winner. The game's basic version also comes with a "Remembrance" alternate game mode which works as a memory game. The players will try to beat their opponents by scoring the most victory points. A set of tasks, both big and small, will be laid out next to the board. The players will try to finish the task by properly arranging the emblem tiles. During their turn the players will, similarly to the base game, lay down new tiles and rearrange existing ones. But this time, all the emblem tiles will be face down. The first player to gather 15 points wins the game.

25 goal cards

1 game board

90 emblem tiles

40 task cards

1 bag

1 rulebook

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