Isporuka robe - NESIT2b doo

General terms

NESIT2B provides the delivery service independently or through various courier and delivery services, provided that the quality of the delivery service remains identical and corresponds to NESIT2B standards. NESIT2B will deliver the goods from the confirmed order to the courier service within 2 (two) working days. Weekend days Saturday, Sunday and non-working holidays are not counted as working days. The final delivery date will depend on the courier service. The delivery service is not performed on Sundays and holidays, as well as on other non-working days. Products scheduled for delivery will be delivered to the address specified when receiving the service order. Delivery is made in the territory of the Republic of Serbia with postal codes from 11000 to 37999 or to any address abroad that is covered by services for sending goods abroad, such as POST EXPORT, DHL, UPS, TNT. Delivery is made to the address specified in the Order. The ordered goods will be sorted/packaged so that they cannot be damaged during normal handling during transport.

The Customer's responsibilities are as follows:

• It is necessary to ensure that an adult is present when picking up the product at the delivery address specified in the Order.

• During delivery, the Buyer is obliged to check the condition of the packaging and whether the correct number of packages has been delivered. After the delivery, the Buyer is obliged to sign the confirmation of receipt (delivery note) which confirms: (1) that the Order has been delivered, (2) the number of packages delivered and (3) that the products have been delivered without visible damage to the packaging, as well as whether is satisfied with the service received.

If the Buyer refuses to sign the receipt and receives the goods, the delivery will be considered received in good condition.

If the delivery cannot be made in the event that there is no one (of legal age) at the delivery address to collect the products, the products are not left at that address, but the delivery∕courier service will retry the delivery.

If the Customer does not collect the products in two attempts, it is considered that he has abandoned the collection.

If, for any reason, the Customer was not available at the agreed time at the delivery address or at the phone number he left, the company NESIT2B does not assume responsibility for failure to meet the agreed∕agreed delivery time. In case the delivery is not made even after the second attempt, the products will be returned to NESIT2B and the delivery appointment will be cancelled. Then the Customer has the right to request a refund of the amount for the products. In this case, the Customer bears the transport costs of returning the product to NESIT2B.

Fee and delivery terms

The fee for the delivery service is indicated on the Service Order and is calculated in accordance with the weight of the packaging in the Order, dimensions, type of product and quantity thereof, as well as the delivery address. The customer is obliged to immediately check the number of packages and identify possible damages when taking over the Order. If any products are found to be missing or damaged at the time of collection, this must be indicated on the receipt (delivery note) of the courier/delivery service. The missing products will be delivered free of charge as soon as possible; the same applies if a damaged product is delivered to the Customer.

Cancellation of delivery

The customer has the option to cancel the delivery service at any time. If the delivery service is canceled before the products leave NESIT2B, the Customer has the right to request a refund of the total amount for the products and delivery. If the Order is canceled after the products leave the NESIT2B warehouse, the Customer has the right to request a refund for the products, but in this case the Customer bears the costs of returning the products to the NESIT2B warehouse.